Reply to Anidjar, Fernando, Lawrence and Moumtaz.

Ahmad, Irfan. 2019. “Reply to Anidjar, Fernando, Lawrence and Moumtaz.” Critical Research on Religion. 7(2):199–207.

Abstract: The journal Critical Research on Religion organized a symposium on Religion as Critique: Islamic Critical Thinking from Mecca to the Marketplace. Introduced by Yunus Dogan Telliel, the symposium participants included Gil Anidjar, Mayanthi Fernando, Bruce Lawrence and Nada Moumtaz who offer immanent, rich, critical observations. Here is my response to their commentaries. Issues discussed include, inter alia, notions of time in modernity (Foucault, Hegel, Kant and others) and Islam, cultural translation, usefulness of the term bahas (debate) over naqd (critique), ideas of adab and comparison of my book and Shahab Ahmed’s What is Islam?