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Political anthropologist Irfan Ahmad is a thinker, writer, teacher and public intellectual.

Irfan Ahmad’s perception is indeed different from what is often depicted in the media. He scoffs at established traditions, and questions common perceptions… He brings a different perspective, whether he is analysing attacks on Indians Down Under or writing about evolution of Jamaat-e-Islami.

The Hindu
New Delhi, 8 February, 2010

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Many use kaliyuga to read 2002 #Gujarat pogrom. Unlike SatyaYuga,Treta,Dvapara, current #Kaliyuga is d Dark Age in which too God selects one to do "development." Pogrom was simpy maintaining “order” by teaching Muslims a lesson in kaliyuga.
#Time #Hindutva

My new Ibn Haldun University @ibnhalduni @Sociologyihu profile linked to Yöksis, @Turkish Higher Education Council.
#Sociology #anthropology #Politics #Indian #Islam #Turkiye

As for links among #Maududi,inspiration & terrorism, Dalai Lama's books be banned. Terrorist Shoko Asahara of Japan had met him in #India . Should the logic put in Maududi’s case not be applied to Asahara-the Dalai Lama-Hinduism/Buddhism-terrorism links?

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