Journal Articles

The Time of Epistemic Domination.

Populism: A Political Anthropology Approach.

Reply to Anidjar, Fernando, Lawrence and Moumtaz.

Reply to Almond, Iqtidar, Lumina, Sayyid and Sondy.

Democracy in Jail: Over-representation of Minorities in Indian Prisons.

Anthropological Publics, Public Anthropology: An AAA Annual Meeting Roundtable

In Conversation with an Ordinary Indian: Kaliyuga, War, End of the World and Hindutva

Injustice and the New World Order: An Anthropological Perspective on ‘Terrorism’ in India

Gods, Power, Democracy: In Conversation With John Keane

On the State of the (Im)possible: Notes on Wael Hallaq’s Thesis.

Talal Asad Interviewed by Irfan Ahmad.

Anthropology of Islam: History, Culture and Power

In Defense of Ho(s)tels: Islamophobia, Domophilia, Liberalism

Theorizing Islamism and Democracy: Jamaat-e-Islami in India

Modernity and Its Outcast: The Why and How of India’s Partition.

The Categorical Revolution: Democratic Uprising in the Middle East

Democracy and Islam

Immanent Critique and Islam: Anthropological Reflections

Is There an Ethics of Terrorism? Islam, Globalisation, Militancy

The Secular State and the Geography of Radicalism

Genealogy of the Islamic State: Reflections on Maududi’s Political Thought and Islamism

Cracks in the ‘Mightiest Fortress’: Jamaat-e-Islami’s Changing Discourse on Women

The State in Islamist Thought

Between Moderation and Radicalization: Transnational Interactions of Jamaat-e-Islami of India

A Different Jihad: Dalit Muslims’ Challenge to Ashraf Hegemony

India-Pakistan: Friendship as Enmity

Timothy McVeighs of the Orient

In Memoriam: Ali Sardar Jafri (1913-2000)